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Infographic Analysis Video


SpaceX Infographic Case Study

Creating a visualized infographic featuring paramount phases that encapsulates the foundations, current progress, and future SpaceX endeavors. Each of the different systems presents a unique perspective of how it drives the company towards success compared to other competitors in the field while it also highlights statistical and visual facts about emphasized elements.

The infographic is divided into six different sections, Falcon Launches, Making History, Mission Control, Process of Manufacturing & Launching, Rockets of the World, and Capabilities & Services. 


Within my layout, the title section holds the name of my Infographics which is titled SpaceX, and below that is my name to give credibility. Both the header and the footer section of the infographics represents thin minimalistic sketches of planets, an astronaut, and a landing rocket.

The sub-titles for each of the sections starts out with a glowing first word to put an emphasis on what the elements are highlighting. The first word is continued by a shorter, dimmer and thinner word finishing off the rest of the sub-title. Between each of the elements, there is a horizontal divider that illuminates with a glowing white and turquoise light, creating breathable space throughout my infographics.

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The visual potential of numbers is exploited to convey three critical components, first the y-axis is represented as the amount of kilogram of cargo each of these rockets can deliver to Low Earth Orbit then the x-axis represents the names of the launch vehicles and their height. The most widely known rockets are being incorporated to compare them to each other. Only the SpaceX rockets are fully designed while the other ones have a light-blue silhouette and an orange outline. Behind each of the rockets, there's a dark-blue bar representing the amount of cargo they can deliver to Low Earth Orbit.

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Numbers - Statistical Data
Appearance - Exploring SpaceX

The visual potential of appearance is exploited to convey a summary of the company itself in a visualized way. Shows the overall success rates which are a key factor customer pay attention to, keeps track of the landed/reused stages and also expresses the future goals, problems that set them back and the achievements in just only 5 short points.

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The visual potential of numbers is exploited to convey the different version of the Dragon, and how they compare or differentiate from one other, in terms of cost, capacity, and crew. The second part displays a comparative information about the cost of production of a Falcon 9 to really emphasize the benefits SpaceX can offer with their reusability and reduced costs compared to other launch providers. Taking all of the factors into consideration the Falcon 9 costs approximately $62 million, making it one of the most affordable rockets, that is not factoring in the discount they give to re-flown boosters.

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Numbers - Performance and Capacity

The visual potential of location is exploited to convey that SpaceX is a domestic company that spans its wings throughout the United States by labeling each of the landmarks that is critical to run the company. It breaks down into two concepts, one which shows the map of the United States and specific landmark locations marked on it illustrating key hub's for SpaceX such their Headquarters, Launch Sites, Satellite Offices and Development Facilities. Each of the elements is marked by a customized pin. The second map concept focuses on a much more narrowed down field which illustrates a portion of the Cape Canaveral where the launch and landing of the Falcon 9 take place. Each of the landmarks is labeled by pointed lines and the arrows illustrate the heading of the rocket, either in a launch or landing configuration.

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Location - Mission Control

The visual potential of time is exploited to convey a timeline that demonstrates each of the launches according to their date, Falcon model, the orbit the payload reached and the relating returning landing attempts or successes through minimalistic visually stimulating icons throughout the x-axis. This elements arches through all of the launches that SpaceX conducted to not only show the curvature of the Earth but also the different layers of space to indicate the exact altitude the satellite or the dragon was delivered. This is also a reference point where the observer can always come back and spot unique events on the timeline as they browse through. Legends are present around this element to always resonate the icons and what they are presenting. The icons are designed to express each of the events in the most minimalistic and simplistic way possible which indicates a clear understanding of the meaning behind them.

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Time - Falcon Launches

The visual potential of relationships is exploited to convey the processes that are a critical component for SpaceX to build, test, launch, and re-launch their rockets. This Network Diagram illustrates the processes that the Falcon 9 must go through before the launch. All the components are manufactured in Hawthorne, California then its shipped to launch site for static fire, payload integration, and launch.

On the x-axis, time is represented which divides the categories into three different sections that go into a much more in-depth view of which of these facilities specialize in throughout the manufacturing process. This element also ties into the Capabilities and Services element above which incorporates the cost factor to build these components, such as the fuel cost to test and launch, and the cost of personnel that is responsible to manage these three segments in order to build a satisfactory Falcon 9 or Falcon Heavy.

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Relationships - Manufacturing
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